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netiaspot - additional pool of addresses and NAT

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The situation looks like this:
- Link with Netia netiaspot. External IP address which is given by Netia is to simplify
- I bought a pool of eight external address (
Netia spot is set as a router. Added additional IP adesy by. description page pomagam.net (almost - details below).
I configured the computer (server) using the IP address (by IP address on the NIC)
And now:
- You can get from the Internet to the IP address (and pozosta?cyh eg
- If I join within the network from a server with IP to the Internet is seen as a connection from ( instead)!
It seems that netiaspot doing NAT.
The question of how to turn off this * great * device.
By the way, in the description on the page pomagam.net additional settings regarding IP addressing is a mistake.
It is shown there that in my case, the computer that I want to know at the address should be configured:
Configuring a network interface:
- IP address:
- Mask
- Default Gateway: (!!)
For obvious reasons, this example does not work on Linux.
Configured the system so that the device netiaspot added to the interface IP lanowym and set the goal of on the server netiaspot.
I greet
Its Own

asked 2 years ago in The Internet - Access by Md imtiyaz (100 points)

1 Answer

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You say that there is an error, even without checking it, and shame.
System - Connections sieciwe - clicking on the WAN PPPoA or PPPoE WAN
Tab Routing, Routing mode set to Trails
It is OK?
answered 2 years ago by gtirloni (100 points)

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