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Wiring diagram MikroTik RB433

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Looking for wiring diagram for Mikrotik RB433
Or they should have the capacity capacitors on the board under the designation C811 and C841

asked 2 years ago in WiFi Networks by cchampion (300 points)

4 Answers

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Kondensator C811, the C841 220uF 35V, 6.3V 560uf
answered 2 years ago by insertjokehere (320 points)
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:/ Hmm. Does anyone have any suggestions what might be. After replacing the capacitor, the capacitor C811 after a while starts to smoke. The record got longer without these two capacitors. I do not know what caused the damage to the disc.
answered 2 years ago by Jaap Van Nes (360 points)
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Can I replace capacitors C841, 6.3V 560uf a little stronger, so 1000uF i6, 3V?
answered 2 years ago by flhe (100 points)
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It took a little time and no one answered, so I took a chance 200 PLN (value RB433) and replaced the capacitors on the bigger, the 1000uF (due to inability to buy 560uF) and everything works without any problems.
From when it comes to such a scheme, I found something, maybe not the best quality, but may be useful. In addition, the MMA in what order to check the various systems
answered 2 years ago by Khalifeh (140 points)

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