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SpeedStream 4100 - the latest firmware

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Looking for the latest firmware for this modem (SpeedStream 4100). Until recently, link
work, but not anymore. If someone posida flash file from this link or a later version, I would really ask for throwing on some upload.
Thanks and best regards!

asked 2 years ago in Computer Networks by dfens (100 points)

29 Answers

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Hello, I have a little problem. I bought a 4100 Allegro speedstreama and plugged it with routerkiem Linksys WRT320N - all kind of internet hasa?o but often disappear during the day and forcing me to soft reset (in short, off and on) your modem and router, and after two minutes, everything returned to normal. It started to annoy me, so I replaced the firmware on linksysie the newest and still the same. So suspicion fell on the modem (previously used the old ADSL router Asmax who walked like gold but unfortunately he was about five years and died). I decided to replace the firmware on the SpeedStream 4100 on this a few posts above the post Joseph - Modem is zflashowa? now has a different menu (siemens - and not, as previously efficent networks) and there is no problem. China is not a router connects to the modem via PPPoE - linksysie previously set the PPPoE login and password from neostrada and hasa?o and now nothing ... does not want to call. The modem is plugged into the mains adapter, it works fine is part of the login and password and it connects to the internet but what about me after all I do at home wi-fi. Can anyone help me set the SpeedStream modem connected to Linksys with him as before the PPPoE? I also tried to change the firmware on the 005-D240-A5F-SBC53-4100 (supposedly the latest) by ****:// - but I give the exploerze path to the 005-D240-A5F-SBC53-4100.upg and reports that flash is not successful.
answered 2 years ago by kevingreen (100 points)
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My modem is SpeedStram 4100, and unfortunately this application
it does not detect (a combination of juxtaposed rather well,
pings pass). Maybe the 4100 version is different from 4100?
answered 2 years ago by AndrejaKo (100 points)
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Maybe I'm not the alpha and omega in these matters but it may hint: your modem is set as a router itself, and there enter the password and login address class set another than you have in your Linksys WRT320N router so as not to combine and set it as a router urz?dzonko type in permanently assigned IP from the modem and it should work calmly all the wi-fi. I'll just processed the same thing I have uploaded the software to the modem 4100 are here stronce typed username and password and the modem to work and sail necik now I'm waiting for a courier to be today or tomorrow because I ordered a router DrayTek Vigor 2910G to be able to manage the network as well which my neighbors neta publish too much use of p2p, I hope this makes it difficult effectively to them :) and assign this band to me not zamula?o neta.
answered 2 years ago by Blair Zajac (220 points)
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This option is not an option due to the need DDNS service on a server which does not support soft Speedstreama and the very large number of ports to be redirected to different devices in the home
Maybe the wrong word - I just want to have only a SpeedStream modem functionality - and the rest is their take on the Linksys ...
answered 2 years ago by LCL (100 points)
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Was trying to make modemik SpeedStream 4100 but unfortunately I have no problems that I can not retrieve an IP address, any of you had this problem?
ok ... did wystrczylo set the gateway address of and
answered 2 years ago by Gigpacknaxe (100 points)
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Problem solved :-) I set the modem SpeedStream PPPoE Bridged mode, and all passwords linksys router how to take everything on myself :-)
answered 2 years ago by jokoon (140 points)
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Please .. :) File as an attachment, do not post frimware file, because a colleague of the aforementioned cast. :)
answered 2 years ago by Fëanor (220 points)
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no I have not had time to get on with alteration because I'm far from home but I gather the materials that are very beneficial to me when you return :) and such a statement when a colleague says that this is also handy to be :)
pozdro from Afghanistan
answered 2 years ago by Mannaz (100 points)
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Hi I have the same problem once I had internet from tepsy and after long use of it's time to change the Internet now switched to Netia 6Mb and I would like to use this modem which I was only a problem arises how to get it and configure the new link from this ;/ what I read there is no other option but to upload the new firmware just how I take it he who Loading a Can anyone help me do this? or give any instructions or a link where to download the firmware thanks in advance
Please use great liter.Gusioo.
answered 2 years ago by Guillaume Hanique (140 points)
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I had the same problem with SpeedStream 4100 from TP, the inability to log on to it to get to the SpeedStream 4100 I had to unlock it with a proprietary firmware flaszuj?c Siemens, since then it rewelka. :))
answered 2 years ago by Justin Standard (100 points)
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In the annex you have a program and firmware to upload to the modem. Plug the modem into your computer via LAN, run, wait for the lights "update firmware". Press and wait until it pops up Ok. After the modem firmware upgrade will address I've reconfigured so about 20 modems and all pretty fly through the Neostradzie. In case of problems connecting to reset the modem about 4 seconds while holding the reset button on the back of the modem.
answered 2 years ago by Crujach (100 points)
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Sorry for the letter from the Polish I was never good ;/ - before you forgot to use the spell check and a colleague for explanation and for the firmware file, thanks a lot :)
answered 2 years ago by jdev (140 points)
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hehe :)) I see that fellow provides the same file, which passed to colleagues from the technical department of Netia in May for the substitution of SpeadStream4100 frimware.
Greetings to the Technical Specialist Customer Support / Customer Technical Support Specialist
and to Tom M.
Just beyond the scope put a second version of the file with the instruction manual UserGuide
answered 2 years ago by light.hammer (100 points)
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And could someone help me what to do. I have a SS4100 with Danish TDC network. I can not unlock this modem. Rigidly typed address and mask, but the power light flashes sometimes Eth and Activity, but does not want to ping. Could someone do something to me?
Modem running. Only now I have a request. As if anyone could I find out who has the SpeedStream 4100 modem, DSL TP is exactly what version of firmware.
answered 2 years ago by Jean Bastos (340 points)
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Question to the author:
Is not it so that you have to return the modem after finishing contract?
answered 2 years ago by Laurence Dawson (100 points)
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I set the IP to and mask ping my answer, but Fleisher does not detect the device and I can not reprogram what is the cause?
answered 2 years ago by annyphp (140 points)
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Generally, I have to thank you because thanks to this web site, I managed to get into the SpeedStream 4100 and configured everything nicely, and the neo but I mean, one thing is annoying to say yesterday, I set it all nicely, and today I wanted to go to the modem to forward ports I forgot yesterday, but sneeze browser can not enter the thoughts and ideas but you can not get in, I can not ping it but the internet about. Can someone realizes why this is happening??
answered 2 years ago by Eugene Mayevski &amp (140 points)
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This is the dump from the console (RS232-TTL)
But it overlooks is that in this way to upload the firmware can not be :/
answered 2 years ago by cfouche (200 points)
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Welcome. I have a problem with a SpeedStream 4100 minanowicie. Net I feel bad about, and techniques of Netia said that I have to switch on ADSL 2 modem. But I can not find a file under Win 7. Does anyone else could. Thanks in advance.
answered 2 years ago by eddy chng (100 points)
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> Continue to do so does not see
The cable from the computer connected to the modem? LEDs are on fire at wytczkach cable?
You set the IP mask
which show the CMD.exe window
answered 2 years ago by Funsi (140 points)
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I have a problem with this program to change the firmware on the SpeedStream 4100. After switching does not detect my modem and update button is still gray (can not update). I have a modem with the software I want to change the SBC and Siemens. Attempt to disconnect the telephone line and modem resets but still it does not see (my system is win7). Please help how to change the software in the SpeedStream 4100.
answered 2 years ago by chezy525 (100 points)
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and if anyone has a firmware for this modem operator Dialog? I would like somehow to be able to unlock it in the configuration to set it permanently pppoe id and password
Many thanks
answered 2 years ago by ehftwelve (100 points)
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firmware version of the label from the modem tpsa no what to suggest, after that, TPSA provides speedstrimy 4100 and 4101 and look the same, it can distinguish between the Mac.
answered 2 years ago by dotnet-practitioner (100 points)
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You have to give up, but sometimes the TP seems to forget about this modem
answered 2 years ago by JUST-SAW-UFC121 (140 points)
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I did not have DSL so tepsy not confirm 100% but how many users of these discussions after finishing the contract uses the modem as a modem to neostrada, Netia or other ADSL rather not have to give, and in addition it unlocks.
answered 2 years ago by devongovett (240 points)
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I had DSL 15-ke. After the modem has not volunteered for nearly three years :)
It lies quietly in and waiting for better times :)
answered 2 years ago by Darshana (180 points)
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SpeedStream 4100:
Firmware Part #: 004-D241-A3V
Not going to replace him as cholera anything else, besides the image itself.
To save the firmware on your FTP log on the router and write
get x.img
answered 2 years ago by dr_strangelove (140 points)
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hello, chcailem refresh a little about it.
Joseph writes about "przerabianu" modems, or the soposobem can upload new software or just update? I have a modem, annex B, and make my teeth depends on a file as soft. Using the soft August stated not upload [failed], despite the earlier you receive a message that the update is ready to ..
answered 2 years ago by blietaer (180 points)
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And he assigns you an IP address that you have a restriction or lack of access. If this restriction must be assembled to RS232 adapter
answered 2 years ago by luckyarts (100 points)

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