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TP-LINK MR3420 i OpenWRT

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I have a problem with putting the router to normal Well, I read a little about alternative software to the router and today I decided to upload the OpenWRT, updates accomplished by the browser before logging into the configuration page, everything went well, got a successful update message and the router should start again and the This was, supposedly to reset the light but apart from PWR (burn continuously) and SYS (lit continuously), nothing ever happens and I can not access the router configuration page. I'll add their part to reset the device does not help, and the lights should flash SYS (router is working properly) and if the light is constantly working it means the router initialization, one more thing I noticed with how to turn it on SYS light blinks for some time ( also not possible to enter the site configuration) at the time of lights on constantly and it is. Once I put the TP-LINK router (another model) after a failed update, via a network cable to connect with competence and a program to wgrywa?o software, but I do not remember, a good mix not already :)

asked 2 years ago in Computer Networks by Daniel Dimitrov (100 points)

14 Answers

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And I have uploaded? Rather, it was a simple question about the link.
30/30/30 to pressing the reset button while the router for 30 seconds and then holding it pull down the power and the state also hold 30s and holding the power button for 30 seconds hold.
Otherwise, press a button on the Round louvre 90s at this time every 30s pull the power cord and put the router.
As for the FW wants to know whether it was the GUI (Gargoyle) or not.
answered 2 years ago by bkent314 (100 points)
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So as I wrote there is no GUI - just a console ssh ;).
So the router is working properly for some of the shortfall is only in your knowledge.
****://eko.one.pl/?p=openwrt-mr3420 # install - here you have ways to install FW
****://eko.one.pl/?p=openwrt-gargoylepl - here is a graphical GUI OpenWRT Polish.
In the current situation you are interested in this version of the FW Link
And how to install:
- Installation by sysupgrade
- Installation by MTD
answered 2 years ago by BS-Programming (260 points)
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:) Do not panic, and could give a whole description of the procedure? Which firmware you want to link?
answered 2 years ago by Max Gontar (100 points)
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The land is not to panic ;)
Enter a link to the firmware - do reset 30/30/30
answered 2 years ago by Knightbeat (100 points)
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First, what exactly have uploaded FW, and second professional support for OpenWRT is: ***.openrouter.info
As you know OpenWRT clean graphical interface does not contain only the configuration is done through a console ssh.
answered 2 years ago by lod3n (100 points)
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openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-mr3420-v1-squashfs-factory is uploaded, can be a colleague helped me to return to the original FW
answered 2 years ago by Macker (100 points)
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Ok, thanks for your help and if I find any FW GUI? According to your way I could not restore the original FW was my OpenWRT
answered 2 years ago by gaA…A¡per (100 points)
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Heheh? And in general you have logged in to your router? After I gave you the FW GUI and even as a PL - Read before you act 10 times until you understand what's going on in these tutkach.
answered 2 years ago by hackworks (260 points)
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By hermes-80 for the answer.
You could say that I went to live (and it was not beer).
These articles I read but I just completely did not know what to do with the entries in the tags in this manual.
Specially chosen version of the GUI to make it happen just like the original firmware - wyklika? and set the necessary tools to work.
I just set up, that only what you need and will be played.
As I wrote everything works OK on the original firmware but I like the feature off WiFi button and the light is flashing system as a system of sets and the lights on permanently as it is now OK (this constant flashing me a little nervous).
Well, I hoped for a faster improvement in the 3G system.
The router is mine but I set it at work where they only have access to the Play. I can still play around just do not know how to go about it.
answered 2 years ago by kimmer (140 points)
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I suggest to write in this forum which I have given - there is a creator of the FW and I think that helps.
answered 2 years ago by magoo (100 points)
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Buddy I am afraid that here you have some knowledge that is properly wyklika?:
- ****://eko.one.pl/?p=openwrt-gargoylepl

for routers with a USB with a small amount of flash memory (TP-Link TL-MR3420/TL-MR3220)
- USB support, usb_storage, support file systems vfat/ext2
- Automontowanie media (fstab) and a package of block-extroot
- Control buttons (action j / w)
- Set time zone, Polish time servers
- Optimization of installed packages
- Full support for 3G modems (packets chat / comgt / usb-serial / usb-serial-option / usb-serial-sierrawireless)
- An additional motive
TP-Link TL-MR3420/TL-MR3220 no fdisk/e2fsprogs/samba/nfs/ftp packages (and plugins plugin-gargoyle-usb-storage/plugin-gargoyle-ftp). File systems have been limited to vfat/ext2 because of the small amount of flash memory (4M). For TL-MR3420/TL-MR3220 also added a can programmatically control power USB port. Already contain the default block-mount/block-hotplug/block-extroot packages. The rest you can reinstall them after taking extroota - see document extroot for TL-MR3420/TL-MR3220: ****://eko.one.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=21214 # p21214

- ****://eko.one.pl/?p=openwrt-3g
Do not know if you understand your topic or live bait do it.
My guess is that the GUI should be properly configured as 3G modem support is compiled into the FW.
Full support portal offers: ***.openrouter.info
answered 2 years ago by jstedfast (260 points)
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Podepn? to the topic.
I also have this router and after installing Gargoyle can not force him to cooperate with the ZTE MF100 modem (Huawei E160G of the same).
Do not know if you need something extra in it to set the same settings for 3G netu not be combined.
After returning to the original software is everything OK.
Modem only works after long searches for modem reset (total time log-in and access to the Net after the reset is about 1.5 - 2 minutes).
As if lacking in the original sofcie permanently inscribed on a connected modem and searches all every time from the beginning.
I thought that maybe something will accelerate the soft alternative and in the meantime here is pretty bad.
Can anyone tell what and how to add, check it on the OpenWRT work.
I've read different accounts to the firmware or anything but I have not found or was something for me was the "black magic" (putty, telnet - I never used to use).
I miss a full manual for the firmware.
It seems to me that the standard Gargoyle 3G modem support is disabled, but I'm not sure.
Maybe something simple rule of thumb.
Wgrywa?em openwrt-ar71xx-tl-mr3420-v1-squashfs-factory.bin
answered 2 years ago by Buzer (100 points)
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I'm sorry but my oversight hurry, and so when I read ?epkach :)
answered 2 years ago by MaSuGaNa (100 points)
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Thanks to try to do something.
answered 2 years ago by lazycoder (100 points)

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