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Livebox 2.0 ZTE - Wireless

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My problem is that, some days it does not work in my laptop wireless internet access. I have a Livebox 2.0 Neostrada with ZTE. My network looks to me normally, the signal strength is excellent, but after entering the network key, nothing happens, I do not have the Internet and the wireless connection icon is blinking red once, and once in yellow, let me add that the internet works normally connected by a cable. Thanks in advance for your help.

asked 2 years ago in WiFi Networks by climbage (100 points)

10 Answers

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First And if you have previously had internet through the router to the laptop?
Second Try this: turn off the security, and if the internet will be in the laptop turns on WEP. Any additional security type MAC filtering off.
answered 2 years ago by Chealion (280 points)
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And this is interesting, because in my filtering is disabled by default and the entire security is based on WPA:> is what a colleague says it is necessary in version 1 had to be done.
answered 2 years ago by kielie (120 points)
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The livebox after entering the password to the internet you need to add MAC to the router. This can be done in two ways. Or manually type in the router or open a web page and liveboxie bottom click the REG which will automatically enter the MAC address of the router.
Yours Dragas
answered 2 years ago by M7S (100 points)
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Hi mate did not give information about the wifi service, a dedicated program or system?
answered 2 years ago by fahd (140 points)
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Because the router is already built into the new Livebox, REG button is not there, but there is a button that you need WIFI before entering the network key press, you have access to, and should be combined, but in my case is not common. First is auomatyczne obtaining an adapter (the wireless connection icon is yellow), and then is no connection (red icon), and so every moment changing. I Neostrada 3 months and everything worked. Added after 9 [minutes]: Funny thing, turned off the security and running, but I have something odd tricks to work with security because it can not be. Added after 7 [minutes]: Okay, thanks to you! I turned again I entered the security key, and this time does not know what the problem was caused. ;]
answered 2 years ago by jp2code (320 points)
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I have a similar problem,
I connected via cable without a problem, but the WIFI turns on only a local connection, I used the support hotline but it does not work with standard solutions, what to do?
answered 2 years ago by Doug Robertson (100 points)
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Try changing the channel on the livebox-ie.
answered 2 years ago by David M Strickland (100 points)
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Welcome. I have a problem here, I can not connect to a laptop for China with my livebox wifi network. I have a livebox 2.0 ZTE from neostrada. Laptop has wifi enabled. He sees my neighbor's routers and other Internet radio network. I tried to connect phone with wifi and everything works beautifully, and the laptop does not see the livebox. Please help.
answered 2 years ago by Heathen (100 points)
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Exactly I have the same problem: |: |: |
neostrawe also bought 2 mb / s livebox zte 2.0 and I have a problem with the connection through wifi FUJISTU siemens laptop with Vista (ar5007eg atheros wifi). Plugged into the livebox is stationary (with sys. XP prof.) And TV set-top box. Without the Internet security sail nicely and smoothly. As soon as I try to set any "WEP" or "WPA" internet sphere. Connects to the livebox, assigns all addresses, displays that are connected, max range with netem not want to. In another, later also catching enough to remove the Vista driver from wifi and re-install in the bida older. The best that the Lubuntu connects seamlessly with livebox and netem and as I go back to Vista shows only a few packets sent, received, and that's a zero. All firewalls and antyviry powy??czane. In the "Network and Sharing Center" przewali?em all settings after a few times. Do not know if something may be blocking the connection on the Vista or just something with the system kicked? Maybe someone had a similar problem?
answered 2 years ago by Daniel Matthews (100 points)
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I changed the encryption from WPA to WEP and it works. Subject to closing.
answered 2 years ago by Henryk Konsek (100 points)

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