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Hitachi Travelstar 250GB po upadku

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Friend fell enabled laptop w / w drive.
The disk is not detected by the system, or BIOS.
I ran the program SMARTUDM, which - in spite of the system - showed me the disk information (name, S / N, some other information on the HDD) but sadly stated that the SMART data is not read. However, it has detected as 128GB, not 250GB, which raises my suspicions. I attach a photo but it is a very mediocre quality.
What can this conundrum to try to do (except for your dedication to recovering data, where they sang min. 1000z?)?
Hitachi Travelstar 250GB 5400RPM
Type TS5SAA250
Added after 4 [hours] 24 [minutes]:
 I found on the auction of the same model.
Is it something council could translate? I ask prophylactically before auction is over ;)
The following comparison:

asked 2 years ago in HDD repair and data recovery by BeardFace (140 points)

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