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Hi, today I bought OCZ 120GB SSD AGILITY 3
The program of HDTune maximum data transfer rate to 140MB / s
However, according to your specifications, it should reach 550-600mb / s (SATA3)
So my laptop has a first generation of SATA (up to 150MB / s)
Let me know if I can check with Everest or another program such as is SATA in a laptop, without putting the SSD and install HDTune.

asked 2 years ago in Computer Laptops Hardware by MacbweN (100 points)

5 Answers

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The laptop does not have Sata III (at least I know less than five thousand), and 50% of even the new laptops is Sata I. In addition, even if you have a Sata 2, it does not mean that the drive mode will be full, because it is not from depends on the controller.
answered 2 years ago by Liu (100 points)
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Second, the results of 500-600MB is even SATA3 forget:
answered 2 years ago by HeliumYi (100 points)
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ICH9-M supports max. SATA_II
120/160/250 GB 5400 rpm SMART SATA II Hard Drive
 160/250/320 GB 7200 rpm SMART SATA II Hard Drive
 128 GB Solid State Drive
 80 GB Solid State Drive
according to this:
experienced with SSDSA2MH080G1HP - also SATA_II but this is the hardware support still does not mean that operate in this mode.
answered 2 years ago by Liutas (100 points)
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I know that this drive does not reach 550-600mb / s, max which can be drawn from it is given here:

I know this that in this model were mounted SATA II drives, and it supports?
The BIOS is:
SATA mode:
I have set to AHCI is the best solution, without taking into account the RAID.
And just to AHCI transfer rate is 140MB / s
So, this laptop does not support SATA II :/
answered 2 years ago by freeaks (140 points)
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It is possible that supports SATA II but can be blocked at the BIOS level.
answered 2 years ago by jbernadas (140 points)

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