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Dell Laptop 1526 inspiro no.: PP29L - will not turn on, hot processor.

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Please bear with us because I do not have much experience in the repair of laptops.
The problem is that the laptop will not turn on that is activated, the LEDs will light the touch screen from right to left and back and end. The screen remains dark, lit only by the Power LED and battery charge that is just as loaded, the fan is working and that's it.
The problem with this laptop will be on the AMD Athlon 64 X2 or its power supply (I think), because when you turn it becomes extremely hot. In several other procach the same. Memory substituted.
Plate removed and turned herself on the table and the same.
MOSFET measurements show no short circuit.
Current consumption 0.11 A slingshot is a process with 1.4-1.5 A.
The area slingshot ISL6264 is a system (as I read it is an inverter power supply AMD). But is that she did such numbers?
Please advice.
Thank you.

asked 2 years ago in Computer Laptops Hardware by manasa (100 points)

3 Answers

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I'd rather suspected layout
answered 2 years ago by Jon Brimus (300 points)
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This may suggest that the exchange is the north bridge ATI RS690T.
answered 2 years ago by grunwald2.0 (100 points)
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Unable to locate the fault.
Bridge was not the cause of the described case.
For the exchange was a record.
I close the topic.
answered 2 years ago by eldermAmoma (120 points)

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