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Lenovo G570, hinges on the warranty?

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Please tell me whether, if the hinges of the laptop is bursted, so much so that you can not normally open and close the monitor, does include a warranty?
Laptop was purchased in Katowice Sferis and I wonder if the shop or donate directly to the service to send?

asked 2 years ago in Computer Laptops Hardware by mazrabul (110 points)

16 Answers

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Here is a list of numbers Lenovo website, simply choose your equipment and find Poland on the list :)
answered 2 years ago by Drewdin (280 points)
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I have the same problem bought a laptop two and half months ago in Media. The left hinge broke. I think it could be factory defect. I have never been opened beyond an angle of 100 degrees, I also never had fallen or something in a similar fashion. A shot at a normal opening. In advertising it in the media from the guy I learned that mechanical damage lenovo warranty does not cover. And it may be that I would have put 500 z? for the exchange of the entire case, or else apparently did not wymieniaj?.No good only if it can be called a mechanical failure? By is nothing but a factory defect I mean if somebody scored hinge after 2 years, but after two months!
Recently, I read the instructions supplied with the laptop, the Lenovo warranty on hinges, plastic parts, etc. is 90 days. I hope that this exchange under warranty. For now I'm waiting for info from the media.
answered 2 years ago by Justin Ardini (100 points)
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Hinges bursted not my fault. Laptop is 4 months and uses it to the woman who cares for him.
answered 2 years ago by Crais (320 points)
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It should be a number, but unfortunately there is nothing.
It is only a phone to the USA.
answered 2 years ago by hiroki (140 points)
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I think the easiest way to call for service and ask what to do in the warranty should be a phone number to call center manufacturer.
answered 2 years ago by javaCollect (140 points)
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These hinges flew rather not your fault, so this is where this is not your fault made it such a theory should be adopted to guarantee anything.
answered 2 years ago by deftonix (240 points)
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This is not the first model of the problem hinges Lenovo. I sent 3 weeks ago G570 to the site and somehow do not see the end of the repair. One of the worst services - freephone number is provided to the site, claiming that there is no information on the repair. Service does not provide repair information and directs the helpline. I withdrew from the sale of Lenovo's completely and do not recommend anyone buying this brand of equipment.
answered 2 years ago by Dilbert61 (100 points)
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Well, not say. If you open strongly on the strength of the hinge wy?amie paw for the first time. And the site does not have reason to believe that obchodzi?e? delikatniutko with him.
answered 2 years ago by Haytham (140 points)
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I hit on this, because in the morning the same thing happened to me. Strangely enough, from the defective holding the hinge screws were missing from the bottom. I dialed in less sensitive places and translated in place at the height of the hinge, which stiffer structure so that the issue would be solved.
answered 2 years ago by Captain Segfault (140 points)
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Laptop returned from the service repaired the hinge, and in fact has been cited by the lower housing. All under warranty.
answered 2 years ago by Lile (100 points)
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Well I think just about everyone who buys a laptop for personal use is trying to take care of it because he wants to serve him for several years. And I was with him as I celebrated with an egg. Blew and blew on him like a little child.
I forgot to add that the hinge, the bottom cover screws were missing. He noticed a guy with whom to advertise. But now I do not know if it was not from the news and flew later. This could be the cause of cracks in the hinge see what answer I am curious to Lenovo.
And buying a laptop advised me to take those with the widest hinges :/ ... and I insisted on the G570 because it visually look good: (
answered 2 years ago by lorenzog (100 points)
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some oldish topic, in any case I also have lenovo, but a different model. My friend the same. Interestingly, we both had a problem with the right hinge, which, after closing the lid can be pressed and you could hear the crackling. Because of another failure in lapku sent it guarantees also the problem of describing the hinge and fixed with no problems. Everything comes nicely.
answered 2 years ago by Hons (140 points)
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So I did and gave it to the warranty. Now I'm waiting for information from them.
answered 2 years ago by Mark Baker (100 points)
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Welcome. Give it to the warranty. For example, once I gave ASUS 14 "cabinet with gently rolled over. Exchange - hinges, upper housing, the housing top and bottom die. All under warranty.
answered 2 years ago by Brahim (260 points)
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Same thing happened to me. After almost a month my left side hinge broke. No screw on my laptop aswell. It can't be a coincidence. everyone here complaining the same thing. lenovo G570 sucks and I won't recommend it to anyone.
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
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answered 2 years ago by anonymous

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