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Sony Vaio PCG-8Y3M a GeForce 8400M GT

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I have a laptop Sony Vaio PCG-8Y3M, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT and Vista 32 bit.
 Recently when using the screen goes black and then everything returned to normal and I got a message that there were problems with the display driver but repaired the problem itself. This happened a few times, but later stopped "to repair": P It looks like this now more or less like that when they switch on the laptop, boot screen appears vaio, distorted green and white stripes, the next screen 'dos' is not visible, appear August only around periods, (but after pressing F1 shows the normal DOS menu), then the bar is loading Windows, after that the crash, the screen is black and no signs of life. I tried in Safe Mode to install both newer and older drivers from nvidia, vaio, other parties - still the same. Now I'm going to basic VGA and stacked them, everything works, but needs a powerful graphics card to do the projects. I would be grateful if somebody was able to help me solve this problem.

asked 2 years ago in Computer Laptops Hardware by eleanor (130 points)

15 Answers

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Best answer
try to retight the spring holding the heat sink to put in place the loose contact if any i try now is working so far model vaio vgn 730e
answered 2 years ago by anonymous
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For replacement chip for the new 09 only after the repair the laptop will run a long time.
 Laptop must be returned to good service. In the repair option of replacing the graphics chip for the new 09th Please note the warranty period no warranty or guarantee of up to 3 months is reballing and if such repair will be not effective.
Services that exchange defective Nvidia chips usually provide a guarantee of about 5 months or longer (but such a repair will be a bit more expensive, because the systems are difficult to access, repair cost of about 380-450 z?)
answered 2 years ago by Kevin0000 (260 points)
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I too share the opinion "foldback" and will seem to him at 100%
Only the 09 NEW CHIP CHIP So mnniej produced more after mid-2009 and give effect, yes you can do or rebaling warmed, it is a cheaper option but in the long run no effects, no unless you want to get rid of laps and cheaply solve this rebaling eventually warmed to sample
Chips NVIDIA 8400M GT and 8600M series chips are defective (they have been produced until 2009), in themselves, no matter if you to have lapse Acer, FJ, and Dell does not like Sony, they just are defective and that. And with przechulalo so much time ..? Chips are defective, and is very heat with the result that the lower cooling pads laps faster than CHIP peel off and then there are bugs, artyfakty, a fairly common defect is that the screen is divided into six parts and such other circuses. Well, and what the availability of CHIP .... no it is not easy but I have seen several offers on the net from various companies from but you can buy, but be careful because a lot of them are just old defective CHIPS
answered 2 years ago by han14466 (120 points)
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Since 2 days I got the same thing :-( Sometimes works, though the picture is not clear (bars), and the graphics chip is not properly recognized. And sometimes blu screen every now and does not work at all.
Do you have solved this problem somehow? I begin to look for the site, but it worries me the answer to replace the chip and the ineffectiveness of repair - as long as all sites offer reballing.
answered 2 years ago by Hanna (140 points)
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Hello all,
refresh a little bit about, I had exactly the same problem, the album went to the site and visitors improved and something moved behind the plate is very warm GPU <110 degrees when Windows starts. The logic goes that a defective layout and now my question: What is the price and where you can buy this chip? Are there any alternatives free of manufacturing defect, the same nvidia admitted to the error in these systems.
answered 2 years ago by ile (100 points)
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Faulty graphics chip. Replacing the graphics chip on the site for a new repairers BGA laptops. Bury-type annealing experiments, reballing is not effective for these bones, since they have a manufacturing defect, like all systems GF Series 6 - 8 from before 2009.
answered 2 years ago by Brian Armstrong (280 points)
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Thank you for your reply.
Could you explain to me the costs of such repairs, rounded, and how many service personnel could it addressed?
answered 2 years ago by Michael Madsen (100 points)
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answered 2 years ago by Damian (100 points)
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no unless you want to get rid of laps and at low cost to fix it eventually warmed to sample rebaling
Fraud support!
answered 2 years ago by Luksurious (100 points)
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I have a Benq R56 with NVIDIA 8400M I bought it in September 2008 and November 2010 I fell graphics (the child watched a story on youtube in full screen picture of the crashed suddenly, pressed the "ESC" and the laptop started beeping and did not react to anything)
I had to hold off the laptop is turned off and then turning on the screen I only have a gray image divided into three rows and in each there are plenty of thin vertical colored lines that slowly disappear and the screen is dark
I connected an external monitor to the laptop and the monitor displays an image and you can even run Windows and use a laptop, but only in safe mode (normally a reboot).
I wrote to the Benq, I wonder what I will answer on how to replace the graphics post-warranty warranty due to a manufacturing defect?
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
to my inquiry into the possibility of BENQ repair under warranty after warranty service due to a manufacturing defect (3 months after the warranty) or less is the answer I received:
Contact Customer Service for consideration would involve the replacement of the base plate, the cost of such services is about 800 PLN gross.
Lidia Janiak
BenQ Authorized Service in Poland
LetMeRepair Poland Sp z o
st. 140 Czestochowa
62 - 800 Kalisz
I made them the phone and you kindly explained to me that the warranty is only for consideration, there is nothing it is known that they had to extend warranties on the graphics (I gave an example from Dell), and that it is not a person who decides this.
may need to write to the company's marketing Benq? and ask for their views on their laptops with a hidden factory defect? ??on 2010-12-22 I sent a query about the official position of BENQ-warranty repairs on computers with hidden factory defect
answered 2 years ago by Karl Mardoff Kittils (140 points)
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I have a VGN-AR71J from the unfortunate 8400GT card.
These problems are the same as described in the first post.
The problem first appeared a week ago.
Do you know who can fix it?
Thank you for your response.
answered 2 years ago by marcolopes (100 points)
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There no clear with no support, but maybe the person is in the eye, and so something inneego, later, for him and the investment is not profitable. Anyway, you can always lapsika also able to sell as it is now, or uszkodozny / unserviceable ..
answered 2 years ago by bgporter (100 points)
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It's normal - you are "too small Pikus" to undermine their expertise.
However, if you gathered up a few (thirty), the owners of such notebooks and gave a class action, HP would be a little more of a problem.
Anyway, the Dell and Apple provide free repair for graphics cards are also an abstraction.
NVidia does not officially awarded to the release of trash, so the problem is not global, for now.
We await the outcome of a class action lawsuit in San Francisco.
answered 2 years ago by lupuslupus (100 points)
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I have a laptop HP Pavilion dv 9640us with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS, but unfortunately HP has not recognized this model as to have a faulty graphics: (
****://***.notebookcheck.pl/Nowinka.1030 M52d2256786d.0.html
answered 2 years ago by lima (100 points)
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APPLE AND DELL exchange after the warranty card ... unfortunately I have the same problem with HP laptop but I can not find any information ...
on the free replacement :)
****://***.notebookcheck.pl/Nowinka.1030 M59058d29e45.0.html
In July 2008, NVIDIA publicly acknowledged a higher than normal failure rate of some of their graphics processors due to defective packaging. At the same time, NVIDIA ensures that Apple Mac computers with these graphics processors were not affected. However, after examining the lead of Apple, Apple found that some MacBook Pro computers with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor may be affected. If the NVIDIA graphics processor in your MacBook Pro does not, or not within four years from the date of purchase, repair will be done free of charge, even if your MacBook Pro is out of warranty.
What to look for:
   * Distorted or scrambled video on the computer screen
   * There is no picture on the computer screen (or external monitor), even if the computer is turned
Specific products affected:
   * MacBook Pro 15-inch and 17-inch models with NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processors
         The MacBook Pro (17-inch, 2.4GHz)
         The MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2GHz)
         a MacBook Pro (Early 2008)
   * These computers were manufactured between May 2007 and September 2008
Products Affected
MacBook Pro, models with NVIDIA 8600M GT GeForce
If the MacBook Pro issue any of the above symptoms, you should go to the Apple Retail Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) for evaluation, or call your nearest Apple Contact Center. Before visiting the Genius Bar at an Apple Retail Store, please make a reservation (only available in some countries).
Apple seems to refund customers who paid for repairs related to this issue. Please contact Apple for details on the process a refund.
Note: If your MacBook Pro does not have any of these symptoms, you should contact Apple.
answered 2 years ago by jam (100 points)

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