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HG HUAWEI redirect ports 533

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Hello friends of the community, I'm new. I am a computer and aver future if I get some help from those who already are My goal is to open port 28960 TCP / UDP in my router ADSL Vodafone (HUAWEI HG 533) in order to be host in a game (Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer) because now people do not connect to my is total. On pages like this I get the IP In this one I put Your real IP is (static-210-28-60-95.ipcom.comunitel.net). I am sure I have the IP Statica Vodafone because I always put the same I go into my router, I open the configuration of forwarding ports and redirect I have tested for all IPs I've seen there ... but I just ;/ / anyone know where I could begin to achieve my goal? Thanks, Greetings

asked 2 years ago in Software by Ivo Flipse</a (100 points)

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