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Driver problem bdfdll.sys

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On my new computer (Windows Vista), I (nat Natural they work on Vista does not?) After the installation of some programs, such as BitDefender and games, a message from st LinkedIn Progammkompatibilit tsassistenten?:
the driver bdfdll.sys. has been blocked due to problems Kompatib.-v.. (Softwin SRL, path no avail? Amazon.com. How can I remove these drivers, or those annoying notifications l? Between May? These drivers can cause damage to the computer?
F? First to help w? I re grateful.

asked 3 years ago in Home Questions by kamikaze_pilot (240 points)

3 Answers

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GladlyAnd: Do not Stress: Uninstall the program and use an alternative like the free, but still very good at Avira Antivir.
answered 3 years ago by blackbelt (300 points)
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A bit of looking into a search engine of your choice for "bdfdll.sys" and had to fall to their readiness to go Bitdefender? Rt.Eine L? Solution w? Re: the program uninstall or update.
answered 3 years ago by Elizabeth (280 points)
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Thank Freiherr07. Your answer helps me a little. I had already f Bitdefender? R Vista updated, but the problem persists. Thought it h? Tte maybe other size? Walls. Since 2 days I'm waiting for a response from BitDefender. Thanks again and a beautiful NEN Sunday.
answered 3 years ago by benzebuth (280 points)

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