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Win7 (64) SP1 - fatal error C0190003

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I was yesterday? via the Windows Update installation of SP1 appears as an important update. Gr s -? L ppische 87 MB.
I was downloaded and installed and the computer restarts.
When logging in l? Then runs through a display of x, x data records? Tzen, which are updated (sollen. ..).
During block 8200 of approximately 126 600 is the message
Severe error C0190003
and it goes no further.
I restarted the computer several times - with the same Ergbebnis.
Can not even boot up the computer in Safe Mode (no matter what choice I meet there), at some point this process is also simple h? Lengths.
Now what? To dilute BEFORE th SP1 everything works fine ....
Thank you,

asked 3 years ago in Operating System by Carnotaurus (140 points)

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