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BIOS update (abit I-N73V (MCP73))

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Will my BIOS (Phoenix) update, the Board did abit I-N73V (MCP73).
On ****://***.abit.com.tw/page/de/download/guide.php # 7 is, you should update the BIOS as follows performing lead? (See below). I understand it, I can only point lead 5 and 6 are not performing?, Because I have no floppy drive. Wei? one probably one of you. anyone know what I should do now? One probably. Booting from a USB stick? Thank f gambling? R the answers!
First Identify your motherboard model and version number by checking with the sticker that is attached to the last card slot.
Second Check the current BIOS ID.
Third Download the correct BIOS download.
4th Once you double click the downloaded file, extract it from itself.
5th Create a bootfs? Hige disk and copy additionally? Additional necessary files to it.
6th Boot from the floppy.
8th L? You between the CMOS DATA
Gru?, Andy

asked 3 years ago in CPU, Motherboard, Memory by Filipe Miguel (320 points)

2 Answers

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Great, thank you for the quick reply!
Gru?, Andy
answered 3 years ago by Ian (260 points)
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You can also put a hige bootfs create CD or CD-RW? ****://***.biosflash.de/bios-boot-cd.htm
? The way:
The latest BIOS you get here: ****://forums.hexus.net/abit-care-he...-stepping.html
The Abit site is outdated and is no longer updated.
Now you just need a flash program: ****://file.abit.com.tw/pub/download...d//m705a13.zip
Dst the l? You down and you unzip it.
The file "M705a_13.bin" you can l? Between, you replaced it with the newer version of the Hexus site.
Now you call the file "M705a.bin" in "M705a_13.bin" around (without G sschen? Nsef?).
These 5 files you pack with the boot CD.
After a successful boot then you need only type in and press ENTER to Runme bridges dr?.
answered 3 years ago by DJClayworth (280 points)

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